Who Loves Denim Shorts?

Hello dearies! 

I am long obsessed with denim shorts. How about you? I remember on my teenage years, I used to cut off my jeans, I love how stretchy they are and I even pull the fabrics to make it look a bit stylish.

I know it is not only me who feels comfy and sexy in denim shorts. Not only because it leaves the half part of my legs exposed but because it is also perfect to wear in any weather. For me, denim shorts feels comfy than pants, it gives me more of at home feel even I am in public places, walking at the mall, shopping or meeting friends and just grabbing a cuppa. I like any type, but I feel at my best in jeans that is stretchable and soft. I don’t like it too short, just enough to expose the half of my legs, I guess. Something that won’t make my lower butt appear when I pick something on the floor.

Ever wonder how Hollywood female celebrities look in denim shorts? Here they go….

If you decide to grab yourself a pair here is a guide to get your right size.
That’s it! Thanks for dropping by!

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