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Love for ELF: Liquid Eyeliner

I have been using liquid eyeliner for years now. For me, any look is never complete without a liquid eyeliner on. I remember, my first ever liquid eyeliner 4 years ago was from Japan, I cannot read the brand name on the bottle because it was written in kanji, and that was how my love for liquid eyeliner started.

I remember those struggling moments when I cannot make both lining on my eyes even or the same. Haha. But as we say, practice makes perfect.

Last year, I found a very affordable liquid eyeliner that is so easy to use. The ELF liquid eyeliner. I love it to bits because it’s small and can fit in my makeup kit without taking too much space. It’s one of my everyday essentials and my current fave It doesn’t smudge and lasts pretty longer on my eyes. It’s awesomely cheap, a good quality liquid eyeliner for only Php120.00!

It has a soft brush tip. I was a bit new to brush tips because I have used pointed pen liners prior to this. I thought using brush tip is a bit messy and harder since its softer but no. It glides easily and not messy at all.You can easily get used to it if you are a pro actually.

This is how I line my eyes for an everyday look.

Have you tried ELF liquid eyeliner before?

How many HEARTS?


Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!


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