EOTD · Naked2

Naked 2 Palette Makeup Look #1

My EOTD Segment is supposed to be Wednesday but I was late. I really apologize. Well anyways, it’ s better late than never. As far as I can remember, I haven’t featured my Naked 2 palette yet, so here is my very first EOTD using my Naked 2 Palette.

Step 1 Always start with a clean canvass
Step 2 Prime your eyes
Step 3 Apply Tease all over the lid concentrating more on crease area
Step 4 Using an eyeshader brush, apply Suspect at the half part of the lid from the inner tear duct to the middle part of your eyelid.
Step 5 Apply a just bit of Blackout at the outerpart of your eyelid
Step 6 Blend with Suspect, going lightly inward.
Step 7 Use a liquid eyeliner to create a winged line. False eyelashes is optional.

Stay Pretty, Inside and Out!


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